i introduce myself..

My name says it all: When I see a woman who gets dressed up every single day from head toe she makes me smile!

My first thought when designing an outfit is – What is the most flattering outfit to wear? My goal is to create an outfit that is timeless, doesn’t compromise on style or functionality, never compromises on style, never compromises on function. I often think of outfits as a puzzle with pieces constantly being pushed and pulled. It’s like a puzzle, because they all should work together to give you the best possible look. I am constantly changing and experimenting with new ideas.

why wear a fashion trend? I am inspired by the clothing that I wear every day, whether it be a suit, shirt, pants, or dress. This is the mindset that has been applied to my wardrobe. I am inspired by all aspects of my clothing, from the look I wear, to the items I have in my closet. I embrace the wear and tear of fashion as much as the wear and tear of the clothes I wear.